How to Use Kinemaster Pro to Make Video Magic

The finest approach to grab an audience’s attention has always been a magic trick. Consequently, why wouldn’t you want to use this tactic with your video marketing? Magical touches here and there can go a long way toward keeping your audience engrossed in your films for long enough to pique their interest in your goods, whether it’s a smooth editing style or a special effect. The good news is that putting up jaw-dropping magical effects for your videos is not nearly as difficult as you might have thought. Only your smartphone and Kinemaster Pro are required; you don’t even need expensive cameras, lenses, or editing software! We provide simple editing options for all your optical illusion needs, whether it’s a full-on trick or just a cool overlay. In this post we will discuss about How to Use Kinemaster Pro to Make Video Magic.

The most effective method to Cause Things To show up

Our most memorable enchanted stunt is tied in with shooting and altering in the perfect spot. Assuming you’re hoping to make something show up, the simplest method for shooting is long, straight shot on one foundation. This implies you ought to set up your cell phone to film in a steady position (ideally with a stand, yet you can have a companion keep it still or prop it on something). Film your laying out shot first, with the thing you need to seem not in outline. Then, carry your hand into the edge and snap your fingers, wave a wand, or whichever activity you might want to use to make your thing show up. Last, bring your thing into casing and film it for a couple of moments. Rehash this interaction with however many things as you’d like. The final part of this stunt occurs in the altering studio. Open up Kinemaster Pro and load up your clasps (the vacant shot, the finger preview, and the shot with the thing). Tap the Trim/Split instrument and trim off your finger preview just after your hand hauls out of the edge. Trim your thing shot directly into where it is simply sitting in your experience, and presto! You have a supernaturally showing up thing, graciousness of an only a couple of moments exertion! Look at this instructional exercise on our YouTube channel for a walkthrough of how to make a comparative impact.

Instructions to Make Clones

Our next enchanted stunt is exemplary, and it’s much more straightforward to make than you could naturally suspect! This stunt is especially valuable for design brands, proficient makers, or those focusing on feature numerous items immediately in a tomfoolery and fascinating way. You’ll need to begin similarly you did the principal way, with your camera set up shooting a foundation from a steady position.

Film with one individual strolling into outline a few times, remaining inside one region of the casing and presenting or doing an activity. Presently, open up Kinemaster Pro and load up one clasp onto the Essential Timetable. Add the second or potentially third clasps as Layers, managing them to fit inside the scene. Tap on them and utilize the Editing apparatus to manage the sides of the clasp so that it’s not covering any of different clones in the scene. Also, presto! You have a simple clone impact in Kinemaster Pro. For a full walkthrough, make a point to look at this instructional exercise.

Instructions how to make magical video with Kinemaster Pro

With one of Kinemaster Pro’s most underused tools, the Blending tool, you may produce one of the program’s most beautiful effects. This tool may provide truly cutting-edge effects on your videos when used with Video Assets from the Asset Store over your footage. Open a Kinemaster Pro project and enter your media if you want to produce an effect like the one in the aforementioned video. After that, select Black Bag Video by selecting Layer>Media Video Assets. If you don’t already have it, select the Asset Store button (it looks like a storefront), then choose the 3D category to get it. Tap it once it has been added over your media to pick it, then scroll down and tap Blending. Touch the screen to

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